When will I find fresh Okanagan table grapes in stores?


Keep an eye on your Western Canada grocer’s produce section from late August through mid-October for all of our delicious grape varieties!


Tip: Okanagan table grapes freeze very well! Why wait until harvest? Stock up to enjoy them all year long!

Do you stand behind your product?

Our commitment to quality;


Our standards for quality and flavour exceed Canada #1. Our growers and field service personnel work closely together to ensure that the grapes meet our exacting standards before ever being harvested. Once harvested, our grapes arrive at your local grocer in a matter of days. Fresh and full of flavour, purchasing a container of our Okanagan table grapes means you’re buying some of the highest quality table grapes available.

Which varieties of Okanagan table grapes do you grow?


Coronation:   Coronation grapes are a blue, virtually seedless variety. Vestigial seeds are sometimes found in Coronation grapes but are usually soft and not noticeable. Coronation grapes are very versatile and can be used in any berry recipe! Created in Summerland, BC, Coronation grapes are a true taste of our own!


Einset Seedless:  Einset are a pink seedless grape with a mild strawberry flavour and can be used for cooking as well as enjoyed fresh. This juicy grape is very versatile and is great on the table, in a jelly or added to a salad.


Bath:  Bath grapes are blue and seeded, with a mild ‘Concord’ flavour. They are best enjoyed eaten out of hand or in a favourite jelly or juice recipe.

Does the OKTGA use sustainable practices?


Ever mindful of our environment, our association’s environmental stewardship includes the use of sustainable packaging. We use corrugated and fibre products that consist of a percentage of recycled content as much as absolutely possible. Products that are sourced from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified sustainable suppliers and produced in facilities with AIB food safety certification.


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What can I do with Okanagan table grapes?


Okanagan table grapes have diverse uses!


  • They are great eaten fresh and make a perfect, healthy snack!
  • Make delicious jams and jellies!
  • Are great to cook with!
  • Can be stored for up to 5 weeks from harvest at 0° – 2°C!
  • And can be frozen for year-round enjoyment!


Our grape conserve made with traditional grapes will surely bring back memories of a long warm summer when you eat it on your waffles in January!

Do your grapes have a distinctive flavour?


Yes, absolutely! Whether you prefer the musky flavour of Coronation, the sweet mild strawberry taste of Einset Seedless, or the mild “Concord” flavour of Bath, the Okanagan table grape season has something to offer every palate!


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